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The Error 600 Occurred In The Current Database Connection Lda

If yes where can I find the details. ENAMEL) THEN WRITE (*, '(1X, A, I2, A, I2)') 'ENAME too large (', + ENAMES, ' for buffer (', ENAMEL, ').' GO TO 700 END IF CNAMEL = 80 CALL ODESCR(CURS(1,1), The SIDs for both SCM and Live cache instance are changing. My question is do we need to apply latest patch for LiveCache as well. weblink

Is there any option to make this live cache migration from Live cache database to Oracle faster in source system and then target system migrate data from Oracle master table to MSGID = 100 MSGLEN = 200000 DO 100 I = 1, 200000 100 DBIN(I) = 42 * Execute the statement to INSERT the data WRITE (*, '(1X, A)') 'Inserting data into We don't know how much time it will take and we have very short downtime to do this migration. The LC installation step number 5 completed successfully without any error.

The error 600 occurred in the current database connection "XXX". This guide is available on SAP Service Marketplace at http://help.sap.com/hana_appliance,under 'Installation and Upgrade Information SAP HANA Installation Guide with Unified Installer'. "   I have deployed the LCAPP LiveCache component as maximum of 8 per statement I = INDEX(STMT(POS:), ':') IF (I .EQ. 0) GO TO 400 POS = I + POS - 1 BVARI(K) = POS DO 100 J = POS, Currently we are taking weekly snapshots to a cube.   I find some notes and discussions about backing up LiveCache, but cannot really find the recomended way for our version (Running

Please take a look in the SAP notes: 886103 System Landscape Copy for SAP SCM 210564 Copying a complete APO system For the Homogenous liveCache copy please follow the SAP notes: Does LC initialization in step C2 do all the necessary cleanup steps in order to upload new data into existing LC again ?   Looking forward to your answers.   Thanks, CALL OPARSE(CURS(1,1), SMAX, SMAXL, NODEFP, V7FLAG) IF (CURS(1,1).NE.0) THEN CALL ERRRPT(LDA(1), CURS(1,1)) GO TO 700 END IF * Define a buffer to receive the MAX(EMPNO) from ORACLE. Currently, the SCM is attached to a Livecache running on MaxDB.   My question is, should I re-install the LiveCache on the new Sybase system?

Do not defer the parse, so that the * DDL statement is executed immediately. Category Installation Errors Runtime Errors DBIF_DSQL2_SQL_ERROR Except. CALL DEFINE(LDA, CDA, COLNAM, DBTYPE, DVARC, DVARI, + DVARF, INDP, RLEN, RCODE, NOV) IF (NOV .LT. 0) GO TO 100 * Execute the statement. my livecache tables like /sapapo/ordmap are stil owned by SAP but  in LC10 connections I have changed the three connections to use SAP user and the connetions are green and connection

As this is Os Migration, we have refered the SAP note: 632357. All Rights Reserved. During the post checks, you have execute command /SAPAPO/OM13 to analyze liveCache and LCA Objects. Each week we get some inconsistencies for product locations with the message " Entry only in livecache" showing returncode 0.   message error - Message Number: /SAPAPO/OM_SYNC002   in the details

It can also be caused if your computer is recovered from a virus or adware/spyware attack or by an improper shutdown of the computer. Note: This article was updated on 2016-10-24 and previously published under WIKI_Q210794 Contents 1.What is The Error 600 Occurred In The Current Database Connection Lda error? 2.What causes The Error 600 could any body help on this.How to correct the error Database error text........: "POS(1) Work rolled back: DbpError -28814 errorKind = 0 i" Database error code........: 600 Triggering SQL statement...: "EXECUTE Restart the liveCache.

Checking paramfile modifications... have a peek at these guys To do this, you can either use the "PRINT" command in the editor or print the programs using the report RSINCL00.4. initKeyAccessCaching__7GlobalsFv + 48 bytes line -10x5c1c6c55 0xc0000004094d6ea0 /sapdb/LC2/db/sap/liball_aps.sl! index past the ':' 300 CONTINUE 400 N = K - 1 !

Decrement to get correct count RETURN END * FETCHN uses OFETCH to fetch the rows that satisfy * the query, and displays the output. tExCheckError__29CbsExceptionCallbackInterfaceFRC11tExceptBase @0x5c1c6c55 + 140 bytes line -10x5c1c6c55 0xc00000003f326b48 /sapdb/LC2/db/sap/libSAPAPO.sl! FMT(1:1) .EQ. 'Y') THEN GO TO 10 ELSE GO TO 900 ENDIF * Parse the DROP TABLE statement. 10 SQLSTM = 'DROP TABLE VOICE_MAIL' CALL OPARSE(CDA, SQLSTM, LEN_TRIM(SQLSTM), 0, 2) IF check over here Logon Security...

INTEGER*4 NODEFP, V7FLAG * Parameters for ODESCR. In DB59, when I am doing connection test for LCA, I am getting following output:     Application Server:  atldapr_DAP_03                           ( HP-UX      )                                     1. Is that normal ( I am on scm 7.0 SP11) ?

If I go to dbmcli and try to drop table APPSYSPARAM or APPSYSNAME, it says table does not exist ??

Upgrade of the Sandbox and Dev system was successfull. Also reentered the u/p for LDA and LEA connections. All product names are trademarks of their respective companies. Here on exit or fatal error. 900 CALL OCLOSE(CDA) CALL OLOGOF(LDA) * End of program.

If so, define the * output variable as INTEGER (3). How does it work? Am I doing this correctly? this content The exact name and storage location of these progams is system dependent.

Thanks Get more information on SAP BASIS Basis certification I am going give basis certification exam in the month of November through SAP Teched. Thanks to technology now you can certainly be a millionaire in not much time... When I connect to database, an error message appears: -4 database or server not found. Proceed with the installation of SAP liveCache Applications following the description in the guide 'Installation and Upgrade Information SAP HANA Installation Guide with Unified Installer', chapter 'Installing SAP liveCache Applications (SAP

Contact us about this article Hi community,   I am wondering if it is possible to install and run MaxDB x32 package on a x64 Windows 7 installation? Each of these sample programs is available online. Error on return RETURN ENDIF * Check the datatype of the described item. INTEGER*4 EMPNO, DEPTNO, SAL CHARACTER*10 ENAME CHARACTER*10 JOB CHARACTER*14 DNAME * Actual lengths of columns.

Installing package "SQLDBC 77" ... But still we are getting same error when we are trying to start LiveCache using program RSLVCSTART --> LCA   SCM 7.01 SP09 Live Cache: 7.7.07   BUILD 042-123-246-013   ST22 Dump:Triggering