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What's most important, GPU or CPU, when it comes to Illustrator? Parameters:sql SQL statement to executeprocName stored procedure to execute or nullparameters parameters for call or nullnoMetaData suppress meta data for cursor callstimeOut optional query timeout or 0maxRows the maximum number of I get the following error: No PropertyTypeExtractor available for type void And that is all i get. Before I leave my company, should I delete software I wrote during my free time? have a peek here

Result Set - TDS 5.0 (0xEE 238) INT16 INT16 variable size +---------+------------+-----------------+ | length | number of | column info | | | columns | | +---------+------------+-----------------+ Fields: length length of Parameters:serverName server host namedatabase required databaseuser user namepassword user passworddomain Windows NT domain (or null)charset required server character setappName application nameprogName library namewsid workstation IDlanguage language to use for server messagesmacAddress I have a problem with an error that is appearing in my hibernate.cfg.xml file. Returns:boolean true if more results in input.115116booleanresultsPending(){117return!isEndToken()||((status&DONE_MORE_RESULTS)!=0);118} Retrieve the result set status.

Tds Protocol Error: Invalid Packet Type 0x0

One of the servers in the cluster is working fine, but the other server is not able to connect to the database and is throwing the following exception. Please let me know if you need any other details. All Rights Reserved. If you need any more info, please let me know.

Thanks for your help Holger If you would like to refer to this comment somewhere else in this project, copy and paste the following link: momo - 2009-09-16 To be honest, Everything worked fine until this morning, and suddenly we get the "Invalid packet type" exception: java.sql.SQLException: TDS Protocol error: Invalid packet type 0x72 at net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.TdsCore.nextToken(TdsCore.java:2486) at net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.TdsCore.getNextRow(TdsCore.java:805) at net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.JtdsResultSet.next(JtdsResultSet.java:611) at com.mchange.v2.c3p0.impl.NewProxyResultSet.next(NewProxyResultSet.java:685) Computations: column 1 offset 4 length: 4 = 8 - 4 column 2 offset 8 length: 13 = 21 - 8 column 3 offset 21 length: 1 = 22 - 21 find similars jTDS org.apache.tomcat 0 See more Not finding the right solution?

It's supported by all TDS version (although TDS 5.0 have others token with similar use) XCHAR[n] +---------+ | string | +---------+ string SQL text RPC packet (0x3 3) Do not confuse TDS 7.0+ use a default of 4096 as block size. Or any other details that could help me narrow down the problem? If you would like to refer to this comment somewhere else in this project, copy and paste the following link: momo - 2009-09-15 Sorry for my late reply, unfortunately I didn't

Process ID (0x7C 124) 8 bytes +----------------+ | process number | +----------------+ Presumably the process ID number for an executing stored procedure. (I'm not sure how this would ever be used If they don't add up — if there are data between the (presumed) end of the last column and the start of the offset table — the server knows it should Your help is greatly appreciated. The server can work its way down the offset table and compute the column sizes.


Compute Result - TDS 7.0+ (0x88 136) TODO. But I have no idea, why this could happen - the driver has been used for years by tens of thousands of users without anyone (but you) reporting such error. Tds Protocol Error: Invalid Packet Type 0x0 Param Format - TDS 5.0 (0xEC 236) INT16 INT16 variable size +---------+------------+-------------------+ | length | number of | parameter info | | | parameters | | +---------+------------+-------------------+ length length of message I have been searching for solutions for many times but no luck:( I would really appreciate it if you can help me with ...5.ERROR: Could not determine Typeforum.hibernate.orgHi, I am relatively

If you would like to refer to this comment somewhere else in this project, copy and paste the following link: momo - 2012-10-09 Hi Lance, have you ever found out what navigate here Kettle doesn't use a driver all by itself, it's the database connection you configured and selected, that tells Kettle which driver is to be used. So it's not even running or getting anything going yet. Returns:The server side SSL mode.

But when i try to run the tester class, I get the following error: Code: java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError Caused by: org.hibernate.MappingException: Could not determine type for: com.pra.dto.collections.Phone, at table: UserD_phone, for columns: [org.hibernate.mapping.Column(phone)] mssql2k+ support some core RPC using numbers If a number is used instead of name name length is marked as -1 (null) and a INT16 is used for the name. 0x1 Is usually followed by Column Format token (0xA1 161) Column Format (0xA1 161) INT16 +--------------+-------------+ | total length | column_info | +--------------+-------------+ The number of columns is the same of previous Check This Out Parameters:connection The connection which owns this object.messages The SQLDiagnostic messages chain.439440TdsCore(ConnectionJDBC2connection,SQLDiagnosticmessages){441this.connection=connection;442socket=connection.getSocket();443this.messages=messages;444serverType=connection.getServerType();445tdsVersion=socket.getTdsVersion();446out=socket.getRequestStream(connection.getNetPacketSize(),connection.getMaxPrecision());447in=socket.getResponseStream(out,connection.getNetPacketSize());448} Check that the connection is still open.

Of course writing a packet trace over a few weaks doesn't really look like a good idea... Returns:true if there is more data in the result set793794booleanisDataInResultSet()795throwsSQLException796{797checkOpen();798799try800{801bytex=endOfResponse?TDS_DONE_TOKEN:(byte)in.peek();802803while(x!=TDS_ROW_TOKEN&&x!=TDS_ALTROW&&x!=TDS_DONE_TOKEN&&x!=TDS_DONEINPROC_TOKEN&&x!=TDS_DONEPROC_TOKEN)804{805nextToken();806x=(byte)in.peek();807}808809messages.checkErrors();810returnx==TDS_ROW_TOKEN||x==TDS_ALTROW;811}812catch(IOExceptione)813{814connection.setClosed();815throwSupport.linkException(newSQLException(Messages.get("error.generic.ioerror",e.getMessage()),"08S01"),e);816}817} Retrieve the return status for the current stored procedure. We have a clustered environment in the application server.

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magic8[1] /* no clue... http://www.stateofflow.com http://www.casualmiracles.com http://www.twitter.com/lancewalton +44 (0)7779 026533 On 9 Oct 2012, at 07:05, momo wrote: Hi Lance, have you ever found out what was causing the problem? I tried enabling error logging, read ...9.Error n simple cstom type - why?forum.hibernate.orgI'm getting this exception, and I dont understand WHY Quote: java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError Caused by: org.hibernate.MappingException: Could not determine type for: TDS Protocol Documentation This document attempts to cover the TDS protocol for: TDS VersionSupported Products 4.2Sybase SQL Server < 10 and Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 5.0Sybase SQL Server >= 10 7.0Microsoft

Cheers, momo bugs:639 TDS Protocol error: Invalid packet type 0xd1 Status: open Labels: Meta data Created: Tue Dec 21, 2010 08:48 AM UTC by Lance Walton Last Updated: Thu Aug 16, Why not just make the offset table's elements 16 or or even 32 bits? One of the servers in the cluster is working fine, but the other server is not able to connect to the database and is throwing the following exception. this contact form AVG 0x51 MIN 0x52 MAX 0x09 COUNT_BIG (mssql2k) 0x30 STDEV (mssql2k) 0x31 STDEVP (mssql2k) 0x32 VAR (mssql2k) 0x33 VARP (mssql2k) 0x72 CHECKSUM_AGG (mssql2k) operand ???

Acknowledgements The following people have contributed to this document: Brian Bruns (first draft, protocol discovery) Brian Wheeler (protocol discovery) Mark Schaal (second draft) Frediano Ziglio (short list) Document Status $Id: tds.html,v TODO: optional possible?? Parameters:sql the statement to execute Throws:java.sql.SQLException if an error is returned by the server896897voidsubmitSQL(Stringsql)throwsSQLException{898checkOpen();899messages.clearWarnings();900901if(sql.length()==0){902thrownewIllegalArgumentException("submitSQL()calledwithemptySQLString");903}904905executeSQL(sql,null,null,false,0,-1,-1,true);906clearResponseQueue();907messages.checkErrors();908} Notifies the TdsCore that a batch is starting. Parameters:instance The server instance name.ssl The SSL URL property value.

Cheers, momo bugs:639 TDS Protocol error: Invalid packet type 0xd1 Status: open Labels: Meta data Created: Tue Dec 21, 2010 08:48 AM UTC by Lance Walton Last Updated: Tue Oct 09, The reader will note the Offset table has 8-bit elements, which would limit the width of the table: the last variable column would have to end less than 256 bytes from Please don't fill out this field. I won't report any more, since I'm not convinced this is a problem with jtds now.

INT16 XCHAR[n] INT16 +-------------+----------+-------+----------+ | name length | rpc name | flags | params | +-------------+----------+-------+----------+ name length length of RPC name in characters. Returns:true if the current token is a result row.141142publicbooleanisRowData(){143returntoken==TDS_ROW_TOKEN||token==TDS_ALTROW;144}145146} Inner static class used to hold table meta data. 150151privatestaticclassTableMetaData{Table catalog (database) name.152153Stringcatalog;Table schema (user) name.154155Stringschema;Table name.156157Stringname;158}159160//161//Packageprivateconstants162//163Minimum network packet size.163164publicstaticfinalintMIN_PKT_SIZE=512;Default minimum network Returns:The parameter descriptors as a ParamInfo[].497498ParamInfo[]getParameters(){499if(currentToken.dynamParamInfo!=null){500ParamInfo[]params=newParamInfo[currentToken.dynamParamInfo.length];501502for(inti=0;i503ColInfoci=currentToken.dynamParamInfo[i];504params[i]=newParamInfo(ci,ci.realName,null,0);505}506507returnparams;508}509510returnEMPTY_PARAMETER_INFO;511} Retrieve the current result set data items. i'm pretty new to java ee and i'm stuck on my 3rd program.

Throws:java.sql.SQLException10891090StringmicrosoftPrepare(Stringsql,1091ParamInfo[]params,1092booleanneedCursor,1093intresultSetType,1094intresultSetConcurrency)1095throwsSQLException{1096//1097checkOpen();1098messages.clearWarnings();10991100intprepareSql=connection.getPrepareSql();11011102if(prepareSql==TEMPORARY_STORED_PROCEDURES){1103StringBufferspSql=newStringBuffer(sql.length()+32+params.length*15);1104StringprocName=connection.getProcName();11051106spSql.append("createproc");1107spSql.append(procName);1108spSql.append('');11091110for(inti=0;i1111spSql.append("@P");1112spSql.append(i);1113spSql.append('');1114spSql.append(params[i].sqlType);11151116if(i+11117spSql.append(',');1118}1119}11201121//continuebuildingproc1122spSql.append("as");1123spSql.append(Support.substituteParamMarkers(sql,params));11241125try{1126submitSQL(spSql.toString());1127returnprocName;1128}catch(SQLExceptione){1129if("08S01".equals(e.getSQLState())){1130//Serious(I/O)error,rethrow1131throwe;1132}11331134//Thisexceptionprobablycausedbyfailuretoprepare1135//Addawarning1136messages.addWarning(Support.linkException(1137newSQLWarning(1138Messages.get("error.prepare.prepfailed",1139e.getMessage()),1140e.getSQLState(),e.getErrorCode()),1141e));1142}11431144}elseif(prepareSql==PREPARE){1145intscrollOpt,ccOpt;11461147ParamInfoprepParam[]=newParamInfo[needCursor?6:4];11481149//Setuppreparehandleparam1150prepParam[0]=newParamInfo(Types.INTEGER,null,ParamInfo.OUTPUT);11511152//Setupparameterdescriptorparam1153prepParam[1]=newParamInfo(Types.LONGVARCHAR,1154Support.getParameterDefinitions(params),1155ParamInfo.UNICODE);11561157//Setupsqlstatemementparam1158prepParam[2]=newParamInfo(Types.LONGVARCHAR,1159Support.substituteParamMarkers(sql,params),1160ParamInfo.UNICODE);11611162//Setupoptionsparam1163prepParam[3]=newParamInfo(Types.INTEGER,newInteger(1),ParamInfo.INPUT);11641165if(needCursor){1166//SelectthecorrecttypeofServersidecursorto1167//matchthescrollandconcurrencyoptions.1168scrollOpt=MSCursorResultSet.getCursorScrollOpt(resultSetType,1169resultSetConcurrency,true);1170ccOpt=MSCursorResultSet.getCursorConcurrencyOpt(resultSetConcurrency);11711172//Setupscrolloptionsparameter1173prepParam[4]=newParamInfo(Types.INTEGER,1174newInteger(scrollOpt),1175ParamInfo.OUTPUT);11761177//Setupconcurrencyoptionsparameter1178prepParam[5]=newParamInfo(Types.INTEGER,1179newInteger(ccOpt),1180ParamInfo.OUTPUT);1181}11821183columns=null;//Willbepopulatedifpreparingaselect1184try{1185executeSQL(null,needCursor?"sp_cursorprepare":"sp_prepare",1186prepParam,false,0,-1,-1,true);11871188intresultCount=0;1189while(!endOfResponse){1190nextToken();1191if(isResultSet()){1192resultCount++;1193}1194}1195//columnswillnowholdmetadataforanyselectstatements1196if(resultCount!=1){1197//Morethanoneresultsetwasreturnedornone1198//thereforemetadatanotavailableorunsafe.1199columns=null;1200}1201IntegerprepareHandle=(Integer)prepParam[0].getOutValue();1202if(prepareHandle!=null){1203returnprepareHandle.toString();1204}1205//Probablyanexceptionoccurred,checkforit1206messages.checkErrors();1207}catch(SQLExceptione){1208if("08S01".equals(e.getSQLState())){1209//Serious(I/O)error,rethrow1210throwe;1211}1212//Thisexceptionprobablycausedbyfailuretoprepare1213//Addawarning1214messages.addWarning(Support.linkException(1215newSQLWarning(1216Messages.get("error.prepare.prepfailed",1217e.getMessage()),1218e.getSQLState(),e.getErrorCode()),1219e));1220}1221}12221223returnnull;1224} Creates a light weight stored procedure on a Sybase server. Returns:boolean true if the current token is a DONE packet.9596booleanisEndToken(){97returntoken==TDS_DONE_TOKEN98||token==TDS_DONEINPROC_TOKEN99||token==TDS_DONEPROC_TOKEN;100} Retrieve the NTLM challenge status. a timeout or such.